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23rd June 18
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Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Policy 2016

As God’s children, we touch the lives of others through our thoughts, words and actions.

John 13: 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

GOOD Behaviour, GOOD Manners and GOOD work

Behaviour Policy Introduction

We aim for a high standard of behaviour and respect, recognising and regarding children for both academic and non-academic achievements believing that a positive approach encourages everyone to give of their best.

We are aware that we share responsibility for the children in our care and make every effort to provide the same level of care which any responsible parent would be expected to give.

We expect that parents will have taught their children to respect other people’s feelings and property. Parents play the most important role in teaching children how to behave in an acceptable manner and this begins at home. School continues to reinforce positive values in conjunction with home. We aim to ensure that good models of behaviour are rewarded and that inappropriate behaviour is dealt with firmly but fairly.

Our policy is framed in such a way as to encourage and reinforce courteous and civilised behaviour; every opportunity is taken to support self-discipline, whereby pupils are personally involved and accept responsibility for their own actions and behaviour.

Responsibilities desired from all members of the school community

Staff and Governors



To lead by example

To be consistent in dealing with children

To promote the aims and values of the school among the children

To have high expectations of the children

To meet the educational, social and behavioural needs of the children

To provide a stimulating and enriched curriculum which focuses on the whole child

To be aware of and act upon the School Code of Conduct as set out in the Home School Agreement at all times:

To support and care for each other

To respect each other’s property and work

To listen to and respect the opinions of their peers

To take responsibility for their own action or inaction

To do as instructed by all members of staff ( teaching, non-teaching and visiting)

To be aware of the school’s values and expectations as signed by them in the Home School Agreement upon entry.

To support the values and expectations of the school

To ensure children arrive and depart school on time

To keep children at home when they are ill

To provide the school with a written explanation of reason for any absence

To provide the school with an emergency contact number



Within our behaviour policy framework everyone in our school will:

  • Care for each other, respecting the feelings, bodies and properties of others
  • Tell the truth
  • Be responsible for all our actions
  • Refrain from swearing
  • Always try our best in everything we do
  • Respect our classrooms and school property
  • Make sure that school is a happy place for everyone
  • Follow our class and school rules

Rights & Responsibilities

We believe in teaching children that with rights come responsibilities:

You have the right to…

  • a safe environment
  • voice your opinion
  • use school books, materials and resources
  • fair treatment
  • a good education

You have the responsibility to…

  • follow safety rules
  • listen to and respect the opinions of others
  • look after school books, materials and resources
  • treat others fairly
  • to do your best and not disrupt others learning


A full copy of this policy is available by clicking the link above.

Behaviour Zones : Adobe Acrobat file (271.7k)

Behaviour Zones

All children start on the green zone and we anticipate that they move to blue and purple as they show their GOOD Work, GOOD Manners and GOOD Behaviour.